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To transport you with the mouth-watering flavours you could find on a Vietnamese street market or a Thai food stall. That is Honk’s vision. Caters to travellers in need of a quick, tasty bite and can even prepare dishes to order.

Honk at Pullman, New Delhi Aerocity is a bistro-style specialty restaurant featuring a contemporary Asian à la carte menu. Serving Street Smart Food is the motto at Honk.

While the food takes inspiration from the street-style cuisine popular in Asia, the presentation and décor is distinctly natural, invoking farm-style food of the region. The menu has been carefully curated to showcase culinary in­fluences from the diverse regions of Asia, primarily Chinese and Japanese with a glimpse of Thai and Singaporean as well as a touch of Indonesian. At Honk, special emphasis is laid on procuring the right ingredients like the Soy Sauce from Singapore or the Low Fat Tuna like Maguro from Japan, quality soft shell crabs from Chennai and more to provide an unparalleled dining experience to the guests. A timeless paean to Southeast Asian sensuality, Honk titillates Delhi Hospitality District with Chef Ajay’s piquant elevations of the region’s street cuisine. Menu has been beautifully crafted by Chef Ajay Anand, Chief Culinary Designer. Chef feels it is crucial to have well-combined flavours that shine through in an Asian menu. He takes it upon himself to cater to the needs of the travelling guests or those who want to dash into the restaurant have a quick bite and head out. Menu will be presented to the guests by Chef Deepak Malhotra, Culinary Designer and Chef IN charge at Honk.



à la carte

The menu at Honk is designed with culinary influences from South East Asia and is divided broadly into San or Raw & Nibbles; Tang or the soups; Zheng, the steamed; chao and zha or wok and fried; Lah and Sup or Spicy and Wet; Pui Choi or Sides; Jai or Vegetarian; Rolls, Sashimi; Tempura; Skewers. An Amuse Bouche and House crisps of three flavours (dried spinach, turmeric and wasabi) are served to all guests to begin with. The in–house sambals and fresh produce is the USP of the food at Honk. From the menu, take a pick from San or Raw & Nibbles where Crispy Peppered Tofu with Thai Basil (from our herb garden) and Cherry tomato comes with subtle kaffir lime and chilli flavours complemented with orange marmalade.Fried Chicken Wings with in-house sambal set the tone for the meal. The chicken is marinated for 24 hours and cooked for four hours, thereby keeping the juices intact. Tang or the soups will develop appetite like no other. King Prawn wontons in supreme broth are flavourful and wholesome while Tamarind & Shrimp with green mango, Vietnamese mint, basil and young coconut is warm and hearty. Zheng, the steamed line-up has an array of delectable dumplings that are feasty and sublime. A choice of Edamame and Shallot dumplings, Mixed Vegetable and Chilli Pepper Dumplings or the Four Mushroom Dumplings await to tease the vegetarian palate. The Prawn Hargao with Honk condiment Sauce is an apt choice for non-vegetarians with other options like a flavourful Pork, Prawn and Scallop Sui Mai with Sichuan chilli oil. From Chao and Zhaor Wok and Fried, Drunken shrimps in beer and shaoxing, thai basil, garlic, lemon grass and chilli represent the indigenous flavours of South East Asia well. Pui Choi or Sides have an array of options for all palates: the classic Steamed Jasmine Rice, Kimchi Fried Rice with Edamame and crispy chorizo or our signature Sichuan Dandan Noodles with Chili, Lamb and Pickled Radish. In Lah and Sup or Spicy and Wet, the Five-Spice Slow Cooked Lamb with pickled radish & spring onion comes recommended. In Jai there are plentiful options for vegetarians, with dishes like Stir Fried Spinach with Ginger oil and Tofu Skin or Ong Choi with Soy and Sesame ensuring that vegetarians eat heartily, too.


Robatayaki, Tempura counter and Sushi Bar

Skewers from the Robatayaki grill using the best fresh produce like River Sole, Salmon, Lamb Tenderloin, Scallions, Eggplant or Asparagus can be made-to-order with a choice of Miso garlic, Teriyaki or Wasabi garlic sauce. Tempura is fried in front of the guests who can choose from a range of options like Lobster, Prawn, Chicken, Mushroom, Tomato, Asparagus, Pumpkin and more. Hand-rolled sushi from the Sushi bar brings in a unique interactive element to the table that can accommodate 16 guests at a go. The Softshell crab, pickled asparagus, tobanjan aioli or the Cucumber, tenuki, yuzu mayo, honk sushi sauce, are sublime. The live counters exemplify the focus of farm-to-table approach that Pullman New Delhi Aerocity is aiming to bring forth and is mingled with the Omakase concept of Japanese dining.


Al-fresco dining

The Al-fresco dining option gives this restaurant, an added edge as diners who look for a more casual yet unique setting have a beautiful garden to walk and dine in. Sassy seating and chic outdoor lighting punches a nostalgic Joie de vivre that only adds to the experience of dining at Pullman. Currently the Al-fresco area at Honk can accommodate up to 28 alfresco.


Ambience and food presentation

The entrance to Honk celebrates the Pinjor concept of South East Asian celebrations denoting a festive mood with symbolic banana trees and lamps welcoming diners. Bamboo and brass elements with candle lights all across the restaurant coupled with dim lighting enkindle a relaxed dining ambience. Emphasis is also laid on the visual presentation of food. 55 bcn award-winning and limited edition crockery is used to serve the appetizers at Honk. These take a break from an industrial process where all the pieces are very accurate (in size and shape) to present food. Perfect imperfection of platters gives a personalised feeling to the diners. The ‘Pure’ line of illustrious Serax tableware by Pascale Naessens is used for presenting the main course.


Open for dinner only: 7pm-12pm

For Reservation, Please Call: 011-46080839


The chef

Chef Deepak Malhotra is the Culinary designer at Honk. His job is to research new concepts, train the team and manage the restaurant’s day-to-day functioning.

Honk Food

Chef Deepak Malhotra at Pullman’s Asian bistro-style eatery Honk has an impressive CV, including a stint at George Blanc’s three Michelin-starred restaurant, in Vonnas, France.
Taking inspiration from the simple cooking styles of Thai and Indonesian cuisines, particularly their use of bold flavours from herbs and spices, he believes that combining these well is the key to a successful Asian menu.

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