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With a focus on inventive seasonal cuisine, this modern-day eatery draws inspiration from its in-house organic farm and much-loved dishes from around the world.

Pluck, our modern day eatery at lobby level serves Modern European and Contemporary Indian flavours. Pluck is committed to offer the freshest, safest ingredients in a seasonal menu that is locally focused and globally artistic, cultivating a healthy relationship on our tables. The menu at Pluck is decided by seasonal availability of produce. With an in house farm of 5000 sq ft, our chefs pluck the freshest ingredients for your meal and the result can be felt in every bite that you take.


The menu is divided into two sections: Modern European and Contemporary Indian flavours. The Modern European offering at Pluck features old favourites like a hearty Mushrooms and Chestnuts Soup with mushroom carpaccio and truffle mascarpone and the or Parmesan Burnt Garlic Soup with oatmeal strudel, roll over melba. Whether it is the Light Spinach Salad with Crispy Bacon & Mushrooms Blue Cheese Aioli or the Crunchy Smoked Salmon & Tenka, these farm-fresh and scrumptious choices set the tone for the meal.

All soups are presented in a deconstructed form and arranged right on the table. Start with a flavourful and low-calorie Tomato & Coriander consommé served with handpicked greens or The Deconstructed Mulligatawany with Coconut Gel, Puffed Rice and Lentil Broth. Guests can also try an unusual combination of Mushrooms & Chestnuts Soup which are done in a deconstructed form and assembled on the table to make this a novel and interactive experience. The Golgappa & Caviar (made of tangy golgappa water) are served with a tzatziki dip and dried ginger gastrique and topped with mint and spell all things modern – there are traditional flavours with elements of molecular gastronomy. Sweet Potato, Feta & Pomegranate is a stunner on the plate with tamarind pipette and mint soil. For mains, Pulled Tandoori Chicken Cannelloni with crispy skin, roasted cumin and cheese sauce is a must have. The chicken is marinated thrice, cooked in a tandoor, then hand-pulled, rubbed with spices and finally stuffed in homemade cannelloni and is served with crispy beetroot skin, roasted cumin and cheese sauce and garnished with beetroot powder that gives it a distinct colour. Vegetarians can opt for a robust treat in the form of Plantain kofta, Pukhtan style served on a bed of quinoa and spinach pulao. This dish is made up of 75% plantain and 25 % pumpkin. Both the vegetables are boiled and passed through a sieve repeatedly to smoothen their texture, mixed with spices and rolled into croquettes that are served on a bed of quinoa and spinach pulao with Pukhtan style gravy, borrowed from a similar dish from the streets of Pakistan. Roasted Cod with Candied Orange and Lentil Stew is another favourite of our guests; it is eaten with some crunchy puffed rice and very soft mashed potatoes, one cannot miss this. Grilled Chicken: En Sous Vide Morel Jus, Spiced Fries, Sticky Cabbage is a dish to look out for.

All these can be savoured with Sides of Baby Spinach, Grilled Vegetables, Sautéed Garlic Broccoli, Corn, Parmesan Cream & Garlic or Seasonal mushrooms. Natural Potato at Pluck can be savoured three ways: plain old Baked Potato, the same can be savoured in a Smoked Chipotle flavour or Bacon and Crispy Garlic flavour.

House Sauces are the best condiments on the table with a choice of 3 Mustard Sauce, Bearnaise, Blue Cheese, Peppercorn or BBQ; these add a punch to every meal.

 Desserts get special attention at Pluck with a wide choice ranging from delectable Hot Caramelized Pear with Valrhona Chocolate, Biscuit Breton, and Hot Toffee Sauce & Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream to a sublime Yuzu Flan: Caramelized Banana, White Chocolate Mousse, Champagne Pearls & Maple Ice Cream. An extraordinary treat in the form of Greek Custard, Rasmalai Parfait with Strawberry Sorbet and Candied Beetroot awaits you. The Greek custard is made from salty feta cheese and stuffed with a sweet rasmalai parfait. It is accompanied by a very pleasing strawberry sorbet and candied beetroot and finished with cocoa boondi, a rather novel take.



 Quench your Thirst with Grape Year which is bursts with the flavours of Apricot jam and Prunes muddled with lemon juice; these are combined with grape juice and finished with prunes as garnish. The Sunrise Kick is a spicy drink made up jalapenos, orange chunks, apple juice, crushed ice and finished with a slice of jalapneo as garnish; one for the adventurous palate. From cocktails, Cucumber Basil Refresher is a great way to start your meal, prepared with freshly plucked basil and cucumber. Amalia, our orange flavoured cocktail is an rare cocktail that you will only find at Pluck.


Signature dishes at Pluck include:

  • Golgappa Caviar with Tzatziki Dip and Dried Ginger Gastrique
  • Parmesan Burnt Garlic with Oat Meal Streusel roll over Melba
  • Quinoa Broccoli Cake
  • Roasted Cod Candied Orange with Lentil Stew, Madeira jus and burnt butter
  • Deconstructed Mulligatawny with Coconut Gel and Puffed Rice & Lentil Broth
  • Tandoor Roasted Amritsari Salmon Pomelo & Mint Salad with Sweet Lemon Rind
  • Bhavnagri Chilli & Candied Onion Paneer Tart with Texture of Onion
  • Pulled Tandoori Chicken Cannelloni with Crispy Skin, Roasted Cumin and Cheese Sauce
  • Five Lentils Crusted Fish with Idli Sponge, Beetroot Murabba Puree with Malabari Sauce
  • Caramelized Hazelnut, Chocolate & Saffron Milk Bar Candied Orange, Lemon Curd, Mango Coulis.
  • Greek Custard, Rasmalai Parfait with Strawberry Sorbet and Candied Beetroot




The chef

Chef Ajay Anand is a key figure in the hotel’s culinary team. He is committed to bringing fresh, inspired cuisine to Pullman New Delhi Aerocity.

Mix Berry Parfait

Chef Ajay Anand, Director of Culinary at Pullman and Novotel, Aerocity, New Delhi is a passionate professional who loves serving what he relishes. He swears by the motto ‘Imagination Unlimited’ whilst at work. Ajay’s cooking style has evolved from the techniques and flavors from cultures around the world, but is rooted in classic French traditions. He endeavors to balance European traditionalism with Asian minimalism and American ingenuity.

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