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Quoin is a chic Sports Bar and an urban hangout where you can find distinctive flavours of your favourite brew, mood-setting music and fresh locally produced mouth-watering bonne bouche & savouries that come together to provide you an experience like no other.

With an ‘Always Game On’ philosophy, similar to a signal for play to begin in a sports match, Quoin is always ready to entertain the sports lovers by screening their favourite matches. With games like Foosball, Pool, a virtual real-life golf simulator and many board games, guests can undertake many drinking challenges and games in store at Quoin.

Golf simulator welcomes all the golf lovers to experience the real golfing at Quoin. They can practise, play and train or choose to solo or group golfing while enjoying their favourite food or sipping a drink.

Quoin is inspired by the concepts of Liberty and Leisure. One can sense it in the look and feel of this stylish bar which is inspired by the lotus flower with elegant, individual lotus style seating, providing a comfortable and spacious lounge and bar for guests to relax and unwind. The soft music playing in the background energizes you and is idyllic to the vibe of Quoin and the popular house music sets the tone for the evening. If the guests have a quest to star-gaze while sipping on their drinks, Quoin provides an alfresco seating that resonates with our philosophy of Liberty and Leisure under the open sky. During the day, sunlight seeps in through the large windows that overlook the in house ‘Herb Garden” lending a soft glow and setting the ambience for that afternoon soiree.

At Quoin, the resident mixologist takes form and style to a different plane by serving our guests an extensive selection of exciting cocktails, exquisite wines and beverages. Be assured that every drink that is on your table has been carefully curated with ‘fresh and local’ produce, such as fruits & herbs and completed with trendy garnishing and unique presentation. The focus at Quoin is to cater to the needs of all generations – for youngsters there is a wide selection of Tequila, Vodka and Beer while for corporate guests there is an array of single malts and wine.

Not to miss are the Novotel Specials like Bourbon City made with Bourbon Whiskey, Campari and fresh orange juice; a cocktail which is designed beautifully from the notes of brunt oranges and maple finish whiskey or Maple Smash made with blended whiskey, single malt, fresh ginger & maple syrup, a perfect drink to serve with cigars that has the mellow taste of maple wood. The Classic Cocktails like Martinis, Daiquiris, Mojitos and more are addressed with flair at Quoin.

The non-alcoholic cocktails selection at Quoin are not left far behind with signatures like Watermelon & Basil Thunder made from fresh watermelon chunks, freshly plucked basil leaves and lime juice, a drink that perfectly balances the refreshing taste of watermelon with fragrant basil. The Rosemary & Cucumber Lemonade Chiller is a refreshing drink with herbaceous notes of rosemary complementing the freshness of cucumber – a lemonade, whose taste lingers till the end.

 Not to forget, our smoking cocktails are the best way to spend time at the Quoin alfresco under the star lit sky.

 All the short eats and dessert repertoire at Quoin are paired perfectly with the drinks. The menu has a selection of reasonably priced light and healthy nibbles which has been curated by Chef Ajay Anand, Chief Culinary Designer. With a  modern twist to Indian classics that make them stand out as the new age bar snacks are the signature dishes that include Murgh Aatish Burra, Chicken Grilled in Tandoor and garnished with Greens & Lemongrass, Galangal Jinga with Lime pickle cream and Amchuri dip leave the guests palate wanting for more. A specially curated sweets section is for those who like to have a drink and dessert post dinner.

Quoin is a perfect place to unwind with your friends. It doesn’t get any better.

#Celebrate good times. #Celebrate you.

For Reservation, Please call: 011-46080838

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